Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's snowing here. Just as I was outside talking to the sprinkler guy, who said that the way our system is, it will drain on it's own when we turn the water off (YAY!), I noticed these little white spots falling from the sky. And more than that, they were cold! Yes, it is the first snow of the season, and wouldn't you know it? The weather forecasters are calling for ice early next week. Yesterday was the anniversary of last year's big ice storm, so it was a shock to hear them talking ice again. Yuck. Of course, while I was outside, Stephen was getting into some mischief - I returned to the dining room to find him scooping applesauce onto his lap. At least he was almost done with lunch when I had to go outside!

And poor Stephen can't even go outside to appreciate the lovely white stuff. It's not sticking (yet), but since he has a nasty cold that he decided to share with his Mommy, it's probably better that he stay inside. Bummer! I think he may have been sicker THIS year than when he was in daycare!!! Or maybe it just feels that way since he has had so many ear infections this fall. Poor kid.

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