Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer fun

We've been having a lot of fun this summer...
Learning how to do the back float (finally!!!) - Stephen is so funny about floating on his back.  He is very confident, right until he feels his teacher is starting to move his hand... then he starts to laugh and tries to swim away.

We've been playing outside with no shoes on.  This is a new thing for Stephen this summer - he used to only want to play when he had shoes on, but now he'd prefer to be barefoot.

 We've enjoyed a few lazy days when it's been raining...

 AND!!!  We finally made it to the dentist so Stephen could get his space maintainer put in!  This is the before picture.

And... after.  Stephen was sedated during the procedure, and took a nice, long snooze after it was over.  We stayed at the office for a little over an hour afterwards, and then we came home and he slept for a couple more.  I don't have any good pictures, yet, of him smiling with his new tooth - not because he isn't smiling, but because I'm not fast enough with the camera, and he's always on the move.  Stephen is THRILLED to have his "tooth" back and doesn't mess with it at all.  It is a resin "tooth" connected with wires to his back molars, so we are being very vigilant in his brushing. 

 We've also spent some time at Frontier City with Stephen's grandparents... they usually don't come to visit in the summer...

Which leads me to my next little bit of news!
Back in May, Mom and Dad sold their house!!  They decided to move here to be closer to us, and help out with Stephen while I return to school next month to pursue my Master's Degree.  Thanks to Erik's job, I can attend an accelerated program, and in a year, will have a Master's of Education degree in Applied Behavioral studies.  They close on their new house here next week, and we are all very excited!  They have been living with us for the last month of so, which has also been fun.

So that's what we've been up to - swimming, and fun!!

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Megan said...

Grandparents close by are the best. Best of luck on school. You are brave!