Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy times!

We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy here in the Heine house!  But we still managed to find time to visit our local fire station last weekend.  When Stephen was in pre-k last year, they'd had a field trip scheduled to visit one, but Stephen was sick and couldn't attend.  After a neighborhood kitchen fire 2 weeks ago, we decided it was time to go!  Stephen loved looking around the truck, of course, and the fire fighters were super nice to let us come look around - THANK YOU to Station 17!!

We also had a bit of a scare last week as well.  As if Stephen's sleep apnea issues weren't enough to put us all on edge, I noticed on Saturday that Stephen had developed a twitch that affected his left arm and hip/leg. It got worse as the weekend went on, and on Monday, after letting his teacher know about it, she contacted me to tell met that it was almost non-stop during recess.  I got Stephen in to see his pediatrician early Monday afternoon (how's THAT for service?!?!  I love them.), who confirmed our suspicions that it was a TIC.  She referred us to a neurologist, with instructions to video tape Stephen's tic, in case it took a few weeks to get in.  Luckily for our anxiety levels, we were able to get in the NEXT DAY, thanks to a cancellation.  She also agreed that it was a tic, and said that it would start to subside, and that Monday would probably be the worst day.  She was right, of course, and we have only really seen it pop back up when Stephen is really tired.  Yes, being tired can exacerbate the tic, as can stress.  This may be a one-time occurrence, or it may come back, but even if it does come back, he will most likely outgrow this in a few years.  There's very little that can be done; it can't be prevented, but if it interferes with his life too much (if it comes back), we will look into medications.

So that's what all we've been up to.  Pa and Kim are coming for a visit this week, which should be fun, and then the next week is the visit to the ENT, and Thanksgiving!  We are also planning on taking Stephen to see his first movie in the theater - Wreck It Ralph!

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Shannon*Name Frames said...

Oh no, I'm glad he is okay and you were able to see both Doctors right away. It's so scary when things happen like that.