Friday, October 26, 2012


We've had a pretty busy month here.  Stephen's grandparents were here visiting, helping out while I was very busy with school stuff, and occasionally leaving to do a little traveling on their own.  While they were here, Stephen's school had a day to kick of their "Read At Home" campaign, and the kids were supposed to dress as their favorite book character.  I don't know if any other kids in Stephen's class dressed up, but Stephen made an appearance as Captain Underpants!

We also had our annual class trip to the pumpkin patch/farm.  I love this picture because Stephen is just so short compared to his classmates.  They were looking at some pigs and piglets here...

We also spent some quality time at the amusement park, especially on the teacup ride, which is still Stephen's favorite.

This past Monday, we took Stephen in for another sleep study to see if we can get to the bottom of his early waking issues.  He managed pretty well until they had to put splints on his arms to keep him from taking off his breathing monitor - Stephen continues to hate having stuff on his face, so this was really hard on him.  It took him about 2 hours of crying "Bi-eeee" to fall asleep after that.  He wanted to be able to put "bitey" in his mouth to calm down, but he couldn't bend his elbows.  Apparently Mommy wasn't doing this well enough for him, bu I tried.  We did get enough information from the times that he was asleep, and should know in another 10 days or so what the results are.  In the meantime, we are going to visit with a sleep psychologist to see if he has any suggestions.

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Aunt Beth said...

The Captain Underpants costume is adorable!

Stephen's Great Uncle Tom recently did a sleep study. I don't know if it was any easier for him but hopefully you'll both get helpful answers.