Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Say that again?

"Ih, IH!"

"Say what, Stephen?"


"Ooooohhhh, no, bud, we can't go IN right now, we're waiting for the bus."


"You'll go inside when you get to school."

"*giggle, giggle* Ah."

Well done, son, well done. This is not the first time that Stephen and I have had this conversation while waiting for the bus, by the way.

These attempts at meaningful speech have been coming more frequently these past few days, and we are very proud of Stephen for trying so hard. He has also been telling his daddy when he wants to go "uh" (up) so they can "boo" me before bed. Best. Game. Ever. I hate to jump the gun, because I've though we were getting somewhere in the speech department before, only to be disappointed... but this FEELS different. I hope I'm not wrong this time.

(This picture was taken this morning. Stephen was admiring the beginning stages of a new Christmas wreath I was making this morning. He thought it made a lovely necklace.)


Cindy said...

Great speech Stephen! Keep it up and surprise everyone!

Megan said...

Fingers Crossed for you.

Catie said...

WTG Stephen!

Aunt B said...

Keep working, Stephen! You're doing an awesome job!