Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost Five Years...

Stephen's Wednesday this week started out with drawing this at school (I'm sure he had help, but I know he put a lot of effort in to writing Pig, and he wasn't upset about doing this according to his teacher). They are learning about farms and pumpkin life cycles in anticipation of heading to a Pumpkin Farm this week for a field Trip.

Wednesday ended with this:

Yes, those are staples in Stephen's head. We made it almost 5 years in between ER visits for our boy, who last went to the Emergency room at 10 days old - he was having trouble breathing, likely due to aspirating some spit-up. Wednesday, after dinner, Stephen injured himself as a result of a high-speed backwards header in to the leg of one of our dining room chairs. He split his scalp all the way through, but we were all very tough (ESPECIALLY Stephen), and no one passed out or threw up. He had 3 staples put in, which will come out on Friday. Unfortunately, this means no swim lessons this week, but I'll find other fun things to occupy him on those days.

Don't worry - Stephen is really just fine. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it too much, and he is enjoying his showers (no baths). He'll be none the worse for wear, thanks to his mop of hair!

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Megan said...

Poor guy...good job on getting 5 years in between ER visits. After Haddie's first visit at 20 months we were there 12 hours later and 18 hours later (followed by a 4 night hospital stay)...I'll take 5 years now too please.