Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last week, Stephen started SWIM LESSONS!!!! I didn't take my camera the first time, but I did the second. He is going to lessons 2 evenings a week, and there are 4 other little boys in his class.

Here he was, waiting very patiently for class to begin. I just asked him to sit down with me, and he did, and didn't even try to leave until class was ready to begin.

The teacher takes each student around to practice either kicking or paddling (or both). For the first 2 classes, he wouldn't do either consistently, but today, he was kicking and paddling at the same time!

He is very good about waiting his turn...

He really enjoyed swimming with the noodle, and seemed more comfortable doing that than when the teacher was holding on to him.

At the end of the lesson, all of the kids jump to the teacher, and do a quick dunk. Stephen very frequently gets excited and opens his mouth, instead of closing when he goes under... we're working on that!

Stephen has really been enjoying himself swimming! He is very comfortable in the water, and really loves everything he's doing. We are hoping that he will be able to swim using his floaties by the time we go to Tucson again. He was comfortable floating in them, and trying to move around a little bit, but we want him to be able to paddle, and kick, and hopefully blow some bubbles. It seems promising so far!


SAB said...

I love that Stephen is in enjoying his swimming lessons. His Grandma Deb was a lifeguard, as well as Great Aunt Robin and Great Aunt Beth. We love swimmers!

MommyP said...

I knew about Grandma Deb, but I didn't know about his Great-Aunts! Sadly we had to miss both lessons this week due to a nasty cold, but I hope to have him back in the water Tuesday.