Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Day!

Guess where Stephen went yesterday?

Did you guess? If you guessed PRESCHOOL, then you win! Stephen went back to his preschool class at the Elementary school, and the report from his teacher was that he was obviously THRILLED to be back in school. He was also very excited to see that his teacher had purple toenails, as Stephen has developed an interest in toes this summer...

He did really well, and even used the bathroom like a big boy, with no accidents. He was the only one of the kids not acting up when they came outside to meet the parents, even! It is clear to us that Stephen really NEEDED to be back in school, as he has been more relaxed and happy ever since coming home yesterday. Stephen refused to take a nap at the regular time, but this is how he ended up at 4:30. He had been looking through a book on the couch, handed it to me, and tipped over to go to sleep for a quick nap. After coming home from Church School today, Stephen has been more vocal than ever, and has even been using his big boy words to go along with his big boy voice! We know he can do it - maybe being back in school was just the little push he needed!!

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Aunt Beth said...

How's preschool coming along? It's a couple of weeks into the schoolyear now.

I'm anxious to meet Stephen and his cousin soon!